What? Another Post Already?

Time for a little more catching up. 

My stitch-at-work project was Home Sweet Home by La D Da.  I stitched on 20 count Summer Khaki linen over two with a Watercolours conversion.

I included my stork scissors in the picture so you can see just how huge it is.  Yowza!

Next up is Petite Exemplary #1 – #4 by Ewe and Eye and Friends.  These charts were sold separately but I loved the idea of stitching them together.  The specialty stitches added a lot of interest to this project.

My notes say I stitched on a piece of 35 (maybe 36?) count mystery fabric from my stash with Anchor floss.  The frame has been picked up at Stitcher’s Station, so soon it will be framed and on its way to Mom’s house where it will live happily ever after. 

I borrowed this Little House Needleworks design (Frosty Flakes) from Joy (thanks Sis!) and it was a fun, fast stitch.  I used 30 count Straw WDW fabric with the floss called for.  I love the subtle shading that gives the snowman rosy cheeks.  Great designing!

At some point I spotted this design somewhere on the internet stitched in blues instead of greens and now I may have to stitch it again!  I love the greens, but the blue would be fabulous too.

One more, this is Winter Swirl by Heart in Hand.  It is a kit from a four season series.  All of the seasons have the same interesting border design.

I wasn’t jazzed about how some specialty stitches were used so I made a few changes.  I’m stitching each design during the “right” season, so I’m working on Spring now.  These would be cute on a single piece of fabric, but the kits came with individual cuts of fabric so I’m sticking with it.
So what’s next?  Would you believe another post with finishes?  Needle = on fire.  
After the finishes I’ll move on to WIP updates.  If you’re getting the impression I’ve had time to stitch…you would be correct!

4 thoughts on “What? Another Post Already?

  1. Linen Stitcher April 16, 2013 / 9:41 pm

    I have two of the Petite Exemplary patterns. Now that I've seen how you've stitched them on one piece, I'm going to have to find the others and do the same. LOVE THIS!


  2. Karoline April 18, 2013 / 1:21 pm

    You've had some great finishes, Petite Exemplary is lovely


  3. Sharon May 22, 2013 / 6:53 pm

    Beautiful finishes Chelle! Love the Ewe and Eye piece. Your needles are smoking!


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