2015? Already?

My life has been calm and serene a blur lately.  I suspect you can relate.  In my mind it should still be September of 2014 with loads of time left to enjoy the fall season, Thanksgiving, and prepare for Christmas.  Nope.  Happy New Year!

The Christmas stitching I did turned out fine and was graciously received.  As we were loading the car I realized…I didn’t take a single picture of a single thing.  I shouldn’t be surprised, I did most of it at the 11th hour.  I finished stitching the last ornament at 12:05 A.M. on Christmas morning.  Somehow I managed to get it “ornamentalized” and wrapped in time.  I’ll see if the family can snap a few pictures for me before things get packed up for next year.

On the home front, I hosted a stitching day on the 30th.

Jeanne, Lee and Pat
Jeanne, Lee and Pat

I kind of lost track of how many were here, I think there were 16 of us at some point.

Ginger, Cathy and Liz
Ginger, Cathy and Liz

Everybody brought snacks and we had food delivered twice.

Janice and Harriet
Janice and Harriet

There was a lot of laughter and we actually got some stitching done!

I received a K’s Creations Z Lap Frame for Christmas and had to try it out.  I started Monique’s “Saltbox Strawberry Fob” – The Primitive Jewel.

Starting "Saltbox Strawberry Fob" in my new K's Creations Z Lap Frame
Starting a project in my new K’s Creations Z Lap Frame – lucky, lucky me!

I love the frame and I love the project.  (Shameless plug:  Monique comes up with the cutest designs.  Have you seen her Quaker Banana Fob?  I am not kidding, it is cuteness overload!)  My LNS didn’t have the “Red Pear” Weeks fabric that the design called for so I used “Arbor” from Picture This Plus.

The Primitive Jewel "Saltbox Strawberry Fob"
The Primitive Jewel  “Saltbox Strawberry Fob”

I also stitched Smyrna crosses in the grass instead of the over-4 cross stitches that were charted.  Blame it on a year full of Dorothy, I now expect to see specialty stitches everywhere.  It feels great to have a finish at the beginning of the year!

So that’s it, a whole page of blogging WITH pictures.  Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “2015? Already?

  1. Barbara January 8, 2015 / 7:31 pm

    I have sooo often forgotten to take a picture of something I’ve stitched as a gift (or, like you, been so pressed for time that I ran of time, LOL). Love that lap frame! Best wishes to you & yours in this new year!


  2. Linen Stitcher January 14, 2015 / 8:11 pm

    In the past when I’ve given stitching gifts, I’ve been like you, racing to the finish and not leaving time for artful photography to record the event. But unlike you, I think I just gave up on giving stitching gifts instead of allowing more time. LOL! Love the idea of a stitch-in with friends! What a wonderful day it must have been!!


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